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Using CSS Grids and Flex opens up the design possibilities that is only limited by one's imagination. Content can be put anywhere on the screen using grids which makes for less overhead causing the pages to load faster for the user. This makes for an enjoyable experience for people visiting your website. If you don't like the placement of something the changes can be made in matter of minutes and maybe even shorter than that. Websites are designed for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc..) first when it comes to responsive design in CSS which also speeds up any changes to the the design.

The Content Management System using the Active Record Design Pattern which also speeds up deployment as all that is need to be changed is the database table structure and a few minor changes to the code. I personally strive for a clean simple look when it comes to website designs as it is your content that people come to see NOT to be deluged with clutter and confusing navigation.

Depending on the complexity of the website the prices start at $1000.00 for a full working Content Management System (CMS) and a responsive website using Grids & Flex. Contact me using the contact form that can be found using the side menu navigation. I have total creative control of the overall feel of the website when it comes to navigation and overall operational of the website, but that is based on your needs, design, preferences and features that you would like to see incorporated into the website.

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Well, I am 99 percent sure that the contact page is done for this website. It sends a message to me and to the original poster that way the person knows that the message was sent. I still have to post an online message to tell people to check the spam folders as the email message might be directed there.

The next thing I am going to tackle is pagination links as right now the list will just grow if I end up with a lot of pages. I want to limit it to 5 or 10 links being displayed. An example of what I am say is something like this:

<-previous 1 2 3 4 5 next->

Otherwise, it's just going to keep growing and growing make this website look not so great.

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The Miniature Photographer website has a new look! I am finally getting to know PHP with Object-oriented Programing and CSS Grids! I still have a lot to learn and still have to make improvements to this website. However, I am much further along than I have ever been in my life. I just wished that I had done this when I was younger.