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Well, I am starting to make some headway in my designing and developing my new main website. I even renamed the website to a more professional sounding name called "The Photo Tech Guru" as I really did not think The Miniature Photographer fitted what I am after. I still have a ways to go, but the good thing is I don't have to reinvent the wheel figuratively speaking as I coded the back end code in PHP Object-oriented Programming which means a lot of the code that was developed for my old website is easily transferred to this website. Just with a few modifications the code runs with no problem, but the CSS is another story. However, with Sass and using Grids/Flex that too is relatively easy to do.

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Got lucky again this year as the nest is back and I'm calling it "The Robin Family II". This year though the female (or the male) is a little more protective of the babies as she/he won't let me get near the nest. That's OK as I have a long telephone lens that doesn't intrude on the raising of the family.

Well, my the babies are getting big and will be leaving the nest pretty soon. I hope another American Robin Family builds a nest next year on the same downspout as it is enjoyable watching them grow.

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Well, the waiting finally paid off as the Lectric ST (Step-Thru) that I ordered finally arrived on my front porch today. I glad it did as I was starting to purchase upgrades for the bike and started to getting a little carried away with it. I even took it for a short test ride. I have to say not having ridden a bicycle in over twenty years it got off to a rocky start. I start off in PAS 0 as I just wanted to see if I still remembered how to ride a bicycle yet alone an electric one. Well I didn't fall or anything, but I am sure if someone was watching me that they would had gotten a good laugh at a 56 year old guy who is overweight trying to ride a bike. After the the second attempt I started having my doubts if I made the right decision with this bike. However, I told myself no matter how many attempts that I did I was going to do it. I finally go some traction on the 3rd attempt, but had the bicycle seat too low. So I walk the bike back to my house which was just the next house over 300-400 feet to readjust the seat. Raised it up and had a much longer ride on PAS 0 though I will still have to do some adjusting to the seat. Did pretty good and was mildly surprised that it wasn't too bad riding the bike as a regular one. Though my subdivision is flatsville, so that makes it easier to pedal.
I was wasn't going to try PAS 1 tonight, but the little kid in me said to myself go for it. So I did, but I just used the throttle as I didn't want to press my luck. I tell you that had to be the most fun that I had in a long, long time. I have watch videos on how to do turns on the bike that did pay off and it came almost second nature after a couple of turnarounds. I wanted to go longer, but I still need to make sure everything is tight as I just did a quick visual inspection. I did not want to press my luck and decided to call it quits for tonight.
I have to say I am glad that I bought the step-through as I don't think I could handle the XP for I'm short for a man (5' 4"). I probably can handle the XP if I were 10-15 years longer. However, this is going to be much better in the long run. Sorry, for the rambling, but I just share my first time experience with this bike. For those still waiting for the Lectric XP or ST it is well worth the wait. Well, so far it has been a good experience as little as I have used it, but I don't expect anything will change that. So until think happy electric bicycling everyone.