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It's currently raining right now and the weekend is supposed to be the start of a heat wave that is supposed to last awhile. Read in the news that DTE is supposed to raise the rates during the peak hour and should cost $2.00 more per month. I really need to start developing this website and make some changes that will improve it.

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I am finally starting to work on my website a little as I am starting to feel in better spirits and hopefully I can stay that way for sometime. Just check to see if this will still create a post and I am pretty sure that it will.

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Well, I am starting to make some headway in my designing and developing my new main website. I even renamed the website to a more professional sounding name called "The Photo Tech Guru" as I really did not think The Miniature Photographer fitted what I am after. I still have a ways to go, but the good thing is I don't have to reinvent the wheel figuratively speaking as I coded the back end code in PHP Object-oriented Programming which means a lot of the code that was developed for my old website is easily transferred to this website. Just with a few modifications the code runs with no problem, but the CSS is another story. However, with Sass and using Grids/Flex that too is relatively easy to do.